student taking a testThis post begins our discussion on the different aptitude tests available for high school students. Using an advanced aptitude test provides a host of benefits, especially to students preparing for college. We’ve covered these benefits in depth before, however.[1] Now, we’ll turn that same deep analysis onto each credible aptitude test available to compare the value they provide.

Compare Each Aptitude Test to “You Science” Aptitude Testing

Throughout this series, we’ll cover three primary comparisons:

  • The Costs Of Different Aptitude Tests
  • The Travel Requirements and Accessibility of Each Aptitude Test
  • An In-Depth Comparison of the Different Aptitudes Each Test Measures

While we’ve covered some of these items before,[2][3][4] one aptitude test has not been featured. That aptitude test is “You Science.” You Science is an abbreviated aptitude test many high school students are using. Recently, it’s taken the US by storm, particularly in Georgia State School Districts.[5] In this series, we’ll touch on You Science: what aptitudes it measures, the cost of the platform, how it’s helping to popularize aptitude testing,[6] and the limitations of the assessment.

However, we’ll also delve into the primary aptitude tests. These include the following:

  • The Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test
  • The Highlands Ability Battery
  • The AIMS Aptitude Test

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the testing experience these organizations deliver. We’ll widen our discussion in this series of articles to answer these questions.

  • Is the Johnson O’Connor Test worth the cost?
  • How much does the Johnson O’Connor Test Cost?
  • How does each aptitude test measure?
  • Do I need an Aptitude Testing Consultant to help me interpret my results?
  • What’s the difference between the Johnson O’Connor and the AIMS Aptitude tests?
  • Is the Highlands Ability Battery better than You Science?
  • Which Aptitude Test Should a High School Student Take?

We hope to answer these questions and more. If that interests you, follow along if you’d like. Additionally, sign up for our newsletter for more aptitude testing tips and our college planning guides.

Happy Testing.

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