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Every parent we meet wants a great education for their students. School, however, is a lot to manage, is constantly changing, and often more stressful than rewarding for students and parents alike. Additionally, most parents just don’t have enough time to help their children keep up with every project and assignment that’s due. We alleviate that stress. Our educators can help your child earn excellent grades, stay organized, and get the most from their education.

Increase your Arkansas student’s grades and confidence

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Doing well in school isn’t only about getting an education; it’s about gaining confidence and a repertoire of vital skills that prepare students for college: time management, effective study habits, networking, and collaborating. These skills don’t just earn good grades but enable students to succeed in school, in college, and in their profession. Our educators help students develop those skills. With our help, students fill in their knowledge gaps, show them how to use a calendar, and prepare them for academic success.

Grades Matter: Your Students GPA is a vital part of their college application. When admission offices look at an applicant’s grades, they don’t just see a letter. Believe it or not, your student’s grades tell a story. The kind of course-load they manage, how it’s managed, and prove to admission officers they can handle the rigors of college.

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The Success We’ve Seen

We’ve helped dozens of kids in Central Arkansas succeed. Here’s what one parent said:

“They matched my daughter with a Chemistry tutor who she understands and communicates well with. Her grade went up 4 letter grades in 4 sessions. Best of all she understands the material for the first time all year. We highly recommend Odyssey College prep for tutoring…”

Satisfied Parent

We urge you to not wait until your student’s grades have plummeted before reaching out to us. We’re here to help and getting started is easy. Just schedule a free consultation and we’ll pair your child with one of our Odyssey Educators.


Will my child be with a different teacher every time they’re tutored?


Absolutely not. We match your student with who they would best work with and keep them with that tutor. This builds rapport faster and we’ve found that kids prefer it just as our tutors do.


Are all the sessions virtual or in-person?


Most of our tutoring sessions are virtual. Some of our students live in Stuttgart, Arkansas, or other cities close to Little Rock. We even have a few clients as far as California and Utah. Having clients from such a diversity of locations make virtual tutoring the most optimal to serve everyone. And due to COVID-19 Pandemic, it also keeps everyone safer.


Can you help my student if they have a learning difference like ADHD, Dyslexia, etc?


Of course, at any given time, many of our students are neurodivergent. We try to work with school counselors as well to make sure students are receiving the accommodations in class. It’s very important parents notify us of any neurodivergent when they contact us so that we can better prepare to teach their students.

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