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Director of Odyssey College Prep

My name is Marc Gray. Odyssey College Prep exists to give the students and parents of Arkansas a comprehensive, stress-free way to plan their college career. Applying to college is often a messy game of guesswork. But whether you’re in urban or rural Arkansas, if you want to prepare for college successfully, you have to do it methodically. That’s where we come in.

Applying for college is an exercise of endless decisions. There’s choosing the university, earning the needed test scores and grades to apply, and writing memorable essays to finally earn admission. Most families aren’t equipped with the industry knowledge to make these choices effectively. When the college choices begin, it doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed. Trust me, I know.

My experience with college is similar to that of many millennials. I earned an education I loved but found it difficult to connect that education to a fulfilling career after graduating. I eventually carved out a career in the tutoring world, particularly with ACT Prep and College Admission Essay Coaching. It was doing this work when I noticed there wasn’t a local business in Arkansas that provides a comprehensive solution to a student’s college prep needs. Odyssey College Prep exists to give the parents of Arkansas that much-needed solution: a stressless, simple, all-inclusive service provider that walks kids through the ENTIRE college application process.

I now work with a team of brilliant educators and consultants. Together, we help students increase test scores, keep their grades up, assess their talents and connect them to careers, and seize scholarship opportunities to make admission into their dream school a reality.

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