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Preparing your student for college should be exciting! Sadly, it’s mostly overwhelming, and not just for students, but for parents as well. We remove the panic from this process by helping students find the right university and customize a plan to get them there. In addition to helping students from Little Rock, we assist students throughout Arkansas and in the rest of the US.

Two Obstacles Every College-Bound Arkansas Student Faces With Admissions

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You see, when starting the college application process, students and parents are at two disadvantages:

  1. Most who apply for college use VERY dated admission strategies, which often leads to very expensive mistakes.
  2. Neither parents nor students have the time to learn the ins and outs of college admissions: how to curate their child’s application, how to plan and write a college admission essay, how to strategize scholarship applications, etc.

Our role is to guide students to their dream schools. We do that by working with each student individually, give them realistic schools to pursue, and empower them to give their college application that gives a college admissions team that “WOW” factor. The process is simple and authentic, designed to showcase your child’s strengths and uniqueness. In short, when an admissions committee assesses your child’s application and admission essay, the gatekeepers line up to admit your child to their dream school.

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To begin your child’s admission process, schedule a free appointment. We’ve helped dozens of students with this process and can’t wait to help yours.

FAQ Regarding Our Services


Do you just help students get into colleges in Arkansas?


No. About half of our students venture outside of Arkansas. We’ve helped kids get into colleges in New York, California, Utah, and also southern states near Arkansas such as Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana.


How does your college admissions program work?


Every program we create is customized to the student. It really depends on what each family wants. Essentially though, we identify schools that would be a good fit for your student and use our admissions expertise to work backwards to craft a plan that spurs them toward their dream school. From letters of recommendation, college tours, interviews, writing admissions essays, to accepting the school, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped students inside and outside of Arkansas through this process dozens of times.


How many essay drafts does it take to make my child’s essay ready for submission?


As many as it takes. We help your student bring out their own voice through a unique telling of their personal experiences that showcases their strengths. The process can take anywhere from three to as many as eight sessions. In the end, your student has a gripping essay that captures the eye of an admission committee.

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