What is the AIMS Aptitude Test?

More and more students use aptitude assessments to pick their major now. Among the best aptitude assessments available are the following: Highlands Ability Battery Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test AIMS Aptitude Test In our last post, we looked into the Johnson O’Connor...

What is the Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test?

The Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test is a venerated tool in the aptitude testing industry. For more than a hundred years, they’ve researched and administered robust assessments to help people navigate their careers. However, many wonder exactly what the “Johnson...

What is an Aptitude Test?

Taking an advanced aptitude test is an attractive option for many high school students. By taking an aptitude test, students can know what natural talents they possess. Armed with these data-driven insights, students possess a powerful self-awareness. This awareness...

Where Can I Take An Aptitude Test?

A student’s college education is worth planning for, and career aptitude tests can help. Advanced aptitude tests allow students to know with certainty the professional tasks that come easiest to them. This data’s worth its weight in gold when students prepare for...


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