Advanced Aptitude Testing For Arkansas Students

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Helping Students of Arkansas and Beyond Discover Their Talents and Prepare for College Through Advanced Aptitude Testing

What if your child knew exactly what their dream job was? Choosing their college major would be the simplest decision. Tragically, this is not the case for the vast majority of students. How can a student with zero post-graduation work experience choose a career path? Through our advanced aptitude assessments, we give students the tools they need to choose a career path that will land them in their dream job. In addition to those in the Little Rock area, we assist students in Arkansas and throughout the United States.

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The Expensive Problem Every Arkansas Parent and Student Faces

The average Bachelor’s degree costs $101,584. It also costs four years of a student’s life. These are not small investments. We help the parents of students of Arkansas ensure this investment is not wasted by setting students up for success.

Through the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) – the golden standard of aptitude testing – we provide students with a career plan they can have confidence in. By measuring their natural talents, we provide students with a number of careers they are naturally suited to excel in.

Your Child Can Pick Their Major and Plan Their Career with Confidence

88% of college freshmen claim that “getting a good job” is a primary reason they enrolled in college courses. Yet, by and large, most of the students and parents spend more time and money on getting into a great school, not on choosing the career they’re going to college for in the first place. With a scientific understanding of their talents, students can pick their majors and plan their careers with excitement, not worry.

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What’s taking the test like?

The process is painless and simple. Students can take the HAB remotely in the comfort of their homes. They complete 19 work samples (or mini-tests), none of which are longer than ten minutes. They can finish the test all at once or space the assessment out. When they finish the assessment, one of our educators will review your student’s abilities and show them how to connect them to their ideal careers. It’s that simple.

How do I start?

Click on this link and schedule an appointment with Marc, Director of Education and Licensed Aptitude Consultant. He’ll walk you and your student through the entire process.


What will my child learn from taking the Highlands Ability Battery?


A lot. They’ll learn what kind of problem-solver they are, their mechanical aptitude, what foreign languages they’ll have an easier time learning, which musical instrument they have a natural aptitude in, and how they best learn. If that’s not impressive enough, they’ll receive a career exploration report that shows them the best job opportunities for them along with the education requirements and the average salaries of said jobs.


How is the HAB different from other personality tests I encounter on the internet?


The HAB primarily measures abilities, not interests or skills. Abilities are natural talents, cognitive strengths that we’re born with. Unlike interests or skills, abilities stay the same. They solidify between the ages of 14-15. They’re also very difficult to measure; that’s where we come in. Knowing your student’s abilities empowers them to know the professional tasks and environments they would thrive in. In short, you get empirical data that can lead them to their dream job.


The HAB sounds complicated. How can my child and I understand it?


After your child completes the assessment, we’ll conduct a 1.5-2 hour debrief. In this debrief, Marc (our Director of Education) will review all 19 of their abilities and show them how to find the jobs that match their abilities. Marc is thorough and personal in the debrief. That’s the perk of using us. If you ever have a question about your child’s abilities, you can always reach back out to us if you need more guidance.

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