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Assisting students with college essays, ACT test prep, and career guidance.

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Welcome to our Arkansas testing & college prep program

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions a young adult can make. If you want to prepare your student for success, they need to do well on the ACT, write stunning college essays, and strategically pick their major. Accomplishing these tasks alone isn’t just stressful; it could lead to wasting too much time and an immense amount of money. Working with a qualified college coach is an excellent investment for your student’s future.

Founded and operated by a native Arkansan, Odyssey College Prep prepares students for the college admissions process, with career planning, and helping students strategically choosing their college major through advanced aptitude testing. Let us help you take the panic out of college prep. Preparing your student for college should be exciting, not stressful. Together, let’s optimize the college journey for your student and position them to succeed.

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Make sure your student is ready for the next part of their educational journey. A prepared high school student becomes a successful college student, which is why we offer the following services:


ACT Tutoring

Through our data-driven learning platform and one-on-one tutoring, we’ll prepare your student to ace their standardized tests. Our students consistently raise their ACT scores with our help – often by 3-5 points.


Aptitude Testing

Does your student need help picking their college major? Do they know what they’ll do after college? We use the Highlands Ability Battery (the golden standard of aptitude testing) to uncover your student’s natural strengths and match them with careers and college majors that use those strengths.


College Admissions

Want a cutting-edge strategy to get into your dream school? From creating a college list, planning admission essays, and curating your student’s application narrative, we’ve got you covered.


Career Planning

The importance of career planning cannot be overstated. We are here to help Arkansans of all ages plan the next step in their career path. Let us find your purpose and your drive and prepare for your dream job.

We assist students in these areas whether they are in Little Rock, elsewhere in the state, or anywhere in the U.S.

Private tutoring for students throughout Arkansas

We offer private tutoring in a variety of subjects: SAT tutoring, ACT tutoring, even assistance on your senior thesis or calculus test. Our goal is to help the students of Arkansas to succeed in all aspects of school life, from high school to college.

We focus on the following academic skills

  • Organizational skills – We help our clients find the motivation to succeed in their schoolwork and stay on track.
  • Study habits – Good study habits are the key to success in college and, by learning those valuable habits early, our clients will be on the right track in college. We provide the resources to help your student learn effectively.
  • Accountability – We teach our students to use a calendar to keep themselves on track, a valuable skill they can take with them in the next part of their academic journey.
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